FeaturedWhat Would An Extra $10K Mean To Your Organization?


What Would An Extra $10K Mean To Your Organization?

We seriously love that your mission makes a difference in your community, but if you’re like most small to mid-size organizations you work on a tight budget and there never seems to be enough funding to meet your goals. Can you relate?

Your dedicated supporters are already donating a lot of their hard-earned money.

The question is… How can you raise more?


We are so excited to announce that you can join Dlyted’s $10K in 100 Days. This is a fundraising campaign that could set the stage for more continuous giving all year round! Plus, we’ll provide you with strategies and messaging that you can share with your team and your supporters that will get them excited to start giving and you excited to start getting.

So what’s the best part about Dlyted’s $10K in 100 Days?


It’s true! You already know Dlyted makes it easy to give at no cost to your supporters through the purchase of eGift cards to over 500 of the best national and regional brands.

Now it’s time to let them know how easy it is to do so AND get them in the habit of making Dlyted a part of their everyday shopping and buying experience.

$10K in 100 Days

Before and throughout the $10K in 100 Days you’ll get weekly tips and pre-produced email and social media content that shows your supporters how easy it is to use Dlyted and how easy it is to raise $10,000 for your organization.

Do you want more of an incentive to join? If you raise at least $10K in 100 days, Dlyted will give you a bonus $500 in Dlyted cash that you can use to purchase eGift cards for your organization’s use. You could buy what you need: supplies, groceries, clothing and more to help you fulfill your mission!

If you’re ready to raise $10,000 or more, register here and we’ll send you all the info you need (including the $10K in 100 Days Playbook).

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