PartnershipsHow Saving The Wildlife Is Good For Humans

How Saving The Wildlife Is Good For Humans

Did you know that an overwhelming number of species have been lost within the last four decades, due to overpopulation, deforestation, climate change, consumer culture, and animal exploitation?

Statistics show that at least 10,000 species are lost every year – which halves the world’s wildlife population in roughly the last 40 years.

Jeffrey Kluger, of Time magazine, said once that, “no species is forever.” However, the rapid loss of species that we are witnessing in this day and age is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.

This is not good. Conserving wildlife is incredibly important!

Now, we should note that the earth’s natural assets are not just made up of animals, but of plants, water, land, the atmosphere and us (humans!).

Therefore, conserving the wildlife all over the earth is a matter that is crucial to all of us.

Here’s a quick list of WHY we all need to be focused on conserving wildlife:

Food Security

If we protect forests from deforestation and aim to rebuild forest habitats, we will preserve biodiversity which aids in the carbon-sequestering process. This provides new economic opportunities and guards against erosion.

It’s widely known that agricultural biodiversity is an important part of a secure and robus food system.

Public Health

Conserving wildlife helps protect human health. Conservation International reports that “more than 50 percent of modern medicines and more than 90 percent of traditional medicines come from wild plants and animals.”

A world that helps to promote healthy ecosystems and biodiversity provides buffers that are crucial between diseases and humans. Ecosystems that are healthy help regulate climate change while mitigating water and air pollution.


This may not be the first benefit that pops into the mind when it comes to conserving wildlife is that if provides the human race with great opportunities – culturally, socially, and economically.

It is true that increasing biodiversity and healthy ecosystems through conservation improves agricultural productivity – allowing farms to become much more profitable.

Plus, rainforests, deserts, and various ecosystems that are home to unique species that quickly become tourist traps. When tourists visit specific regions this drives up the local economy.

Conserving the wildlife creates various projects and outlets that bring the community together – as it is a team effort. This also helps create jobs!

How the Ivan Carter Wildlife Alliance Helps

This is why conserving the wildlife is so important to us here at Dlyted. We’ve partnered with the Ivan Carter Wildlife Alliance (ICWA) because they are passionate about supporting initiatives that:

  • Develop and implement conservation and propagation strategies, including strategies to combat poaching.
  • Develop and implement holistic wildlife conservation solutions with and involving indigenous communities.
  • Provide financial, material and tactical support to anti-poaching groups and increase awareness and acceptance of the value of maintaining diverse wildlife populations.

The Ivan Carter Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization that prides themselves with being very fast to mobilize funding from the donor community. They use African solutions to solve African problems. They’ve created a model where no less than 90% of all donations reach the destination they are intended.

And we’re happy to announce that YOU can help support conservation, by doing your everyday shopping through Dlyted.

It’s easy, fast, and fun!


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