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How To Help Young Mothers For Free

For months (approximately nine), Kardashian/Jenner fans and followers have been waiting for news, pictures, any types of hints, to drop that Kylie Jenner was pregnant.

Kylie, who is only 20 years old, just announced earlier this week that she indeed has given birth to her beautiful baby girl, Stormi Webster.

Did you know that one-half of all teen and young adult pregnancies are unintended?

Though Kylie’s pregnancy was also unintended, the makeup mogul is now being praised and sent well-wishes, deservedly so, for the birth of her first child.

However, this brings up the conversation that – many young mothers, who are not a celebrity or uber successful business women, do not receive the same praise or positive feedback.

The Stigma Surrounding Young Motherhood

Many women have reported feeling extreme pressure from the negative stigma surrounding young motherhood causing severe mental and emotional health issues.

Over the past 20 years, the teen birth rate has declined… yet the U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world.

According to the Office of Adolescent Health, teen mothers are:

  • Less likely to finish high school
  • More likely to be poor as adults
  • The chance of having kids with behavioral, educational, and health issues is higher
  • The need to rely on public assistance is greater

Since young mothers are already at a disadvantage, they need support and assistance from their local community.

How You Can Help Young Mothers For Free

Here are a few ways you can help young mothers:

  • Make sure you’re using your eGift cards through Dlyted. This way you will be able to donate to causes that support young mothers (at no cost to you)!
  • Be sensitive. The negative stigma that surrounds being a young mom is crushing.
  • Anticipate the barriers a young mom will be facing.
  • Let her know you are there to support her no matter what.
  • Remind young mothers that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Young mothers need our help to make sure their health, their baby’s health, and so on is cared for. That is why so many amazing programs, causes, and organizations have been founded in order to help these women.

If you would like to find a local program to support through Dlyted, all you have to do is search “Young Parent Organizations” on a search engine and include your location. There is bound to be one or more in your area. Then choose that cause to send your Dlyted points to!

One of our partner causes, the Venice Family Clinic, has provided quality primary health care to more than 24,000 low-income, homeless, and uninsured people in need. It’s these types of causes that need your support.

Next time you’re at the grocery store or shopping on Amazon, make sure you purchase an eGift card through Dlyted before you buy. Then when you use the gift card on the products, you were already intending on buying, you’ll be able to earn money back to donate to these local causes at no cost to you.

If someone you know is a young mom, here are some tips to share with her to make the process a little bit easier:

  • Try to stay with your parents while your child is young. Doing so will help with the pressures of caring for your child or coping financially.
  • Grandparents are always going to be the favorite, so don’t stress when your baby immediately stops crying in your mom or dad’s arms.
  • Find out what type of financial support or state assistance you can get.
  • Make time for self-care. You’ll need to prioritize your well-being.
  • Contact your local community center to see if they host support groups for young parents. You will need emotional support, as well as information on child development and your health care!
  • See if your local medical center can put you in touch with a counsellor. Counsellor’s can help young parents with personal issues.
  • Speak to experts to see how you can create the best home environment for your child!

It’s imperative that we pull together and support the causes that give aid to everyone who needs it. Giving back not only boosts your own mental health, but it also ensures that the causes that are allowing one more young mother is seen by a doctor or a child’s mouth is fed through Feed A Billion keeps happening.

At Dlyted, we want to ensure all causes and organizations receive the funds they need to prosper. Do you know of any organizations that assist young mothers? We’d love to know! Drop us a line in the comments.

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