MindsetGiving Can Be Easy, Fast, and Fun Through Dlyted


Giving Can Be Easy, Fast, and Fun Through Dlyted

We’ve got some great news for you! Giving to your favorite cause doesn’t have to be difficult, frustrating, or consist of scrounging for loose change. It can be easy, fast, and fun through Dlyted!

Dlyted is a game-changing new way to give to causes you care about (like Feed A Billion, the American Cancer Society, and any other cause that’s dear to your heart) without costing you an extra penny.

Yep! You read that correctly. In 2019, you can now SHOP and then donate to your favorite cause at absolutely no additional cost to you.

There’s no fine print, no gimmick, no catch. Just a blinding hope for a world full of givers able to do so by their day-to-day shopping.

Of course, just telling you that there’s no catch won’t change that suspicious feeling you have churning in your stomach. It’s easy to believe something is too good to be true, we get it!

This New Year

We shouldn’t have to choose between improving our own lives and improving the lives of others. We can feel good, by doing good. So before you make any sacrifices like spending less in order to give more, make sure you understand that you can shop as you normally do and still give with Dlyted!

Get into the habit of consistently donating to causes that are important to you through shopping! Set your resolution to be in the mindset of “New Year, New Way To Give!”

Out of over 500 retailers, your go-to place to shop is bound to be on Dlyted. You can even shop on-the-go with the Dlyted apps. Go get your eGift cards and meet your resolution to give more (for free!).

While you’re resolving to get healthier, eat cleaner, be more productive, etc. make sure you remember that people who donate tend to be happier and also healthier than others. So you may want to add “giving more” onto your list.

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