Gift Giving7 Awesome Gifts for Mother’s Day

7 Awesome Gifts for Mother’s Day

In only two weeks we get to celebrate the mothers of this world! Did you know for the second time in 15 years, total retail spending for Mother’s Day 2018 is estimated to exceed $23 billion.

Matthew Shay, the National Retail Federation President and CEO said, “This year’s Mother’s Day forecast is one of the strongest we’ve ever seen. With spring in full bloom, Americans are looking forward to splurging on their mothers and retailers are prepared to offer a variety of options that will allow consumers to find the perfect gift for the occasion.”

If everyone in the United States were shopping for their mother through Dlyted – we’d be able to raise $5 billion for various charities at no cost to anyone so easily!!

Today, we’re sharing 7 of the best gifts that you can snag your mom for the upcoming holiday!

7 Awesome Gifts for Mother’s Day

Spa Day

Your mom deserves to be PAMPERED! Treat her to a spa day consisting of total relaxation and give literal meaning to the “day of rest” on Sunday, May 13. Surprise your favorite mother and let her know how special she is by giving her a day of pampering, attention, and relaxation that will make her look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!

Amazon Echo Plus

Your mom would love having her favorite playlists start just because she said, “Alexa play the Bee Gees.” Help make her life simpler by snagging her a Amazon Echo Plus from Amazon (earn 2% back through Dlyted). Plus, it’s stylish so it won’t clash with her decor!!


Who doesn’t love flowers? It might be a cliche Mother’s Day gift, but it’s a popular option for a reason. Most mom’s LOVE flowers! They’re bright, beautiful, and full of life. Just like your mother. Brighten up her day with a bouquet specially put together by you to give your gift a personal twist!

Makeup or Perfume

You might be used to seeing your mom with a sloppy bun and only mascara, but she knows how to get GLAM! Snag the mother you’re spoiling an eGift card to Sephora (earn 5% back through Dlyted) or Ulta (earn 2.5% back through Dlyted) and let her go wild. With tons of Mother’s Day sales, she’ll be able to shop super popular collections and get the products she truly wants! She can even grab that classic bottle of Chanel No. 5 she’s been pining for.



Hey! Even mother’s need an impromptu getaway and mini-vacation. Give the mother in your life an Airbnb eGift card (earn 5% back through Dlyted) and tell her to pick a place to go! All of those vacation days won’t go to waste and she’ll be so happy you took her love of traveling into consideration.

Fruit Bouquet

Is your mom not so much into flowers? Then have a fruit bouquet (earn 5% back through Dlyted) full of fresh and delicious fruit delivered right to her front door. Nothing says, “I love you!” like watching out for her health!

Dinner and a Movie

Take the mother in your life out on a date. This is perfect for mom’s who are all about experiences over things! From restaurants like Olive Garden (earn 2.5% back through Dlyted) to Cracker Barrel (earn 5% back through Dlyted) – we have something for everyone. You can then follow up dinner by catching a movie at Regal Cinemas (earn 5% back through Dlyted) or your local AMC Theatre (earn 5% back through Dlyted).

We guarantee that the mom in your life will automatically grant you the title of “favorite child” (partner, friend, you name it!) after receiving any of the presents or experiences off this list!

Need some more gift inspiration? We have an entire page dedicated to Mother’s Day 2018 eGift cards. Take your pick!


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