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6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

While you’re sifting through the hundreds of tweets leading up to the month of May that consisted of Justin Timberlake saying, “It’s gonna be MAY,” you should also be taking care of your mental health.

Yep! Since 1949, May has been deemed Mental Health Awareness Month by Mental Health America and their affiliates all across America.

The observance of Mental Health Month has reached millions of people through local events, screenings and the media.

Many online communities for various businesses and organizations are encouraging users to help spread awareness and create a safe space for individuals to discuss mental health.

Even gaming platforms like Twitch are encouraging streamers to spend some time in their Chat just talking about mental health, their experiences and what creating mental health awareness means to them.

Often when discussing “health,” only physical health and wellbeing comes to mind. This is a dangerous way of life because when we talk about health, we cannot just focus on physical health. We need to include improving our overall mental health and wellbeing alongside our physical health and wellbeing.

This year, Mental Health America is using their efforts to encourage Americans to take the #4Mind4Body challenge to make small changes each day – both physically and mentally – “to create huge gains for our overall health and wellbeing.” To learn more about this challenge click HERE.

Definitely a mission we can get on board with!

In honor of Mental Health Month, we want to share 6 things you can do to create a great mental health balance in your life:

See Your Own Importance

You need to start valuing yourself! You are uniquely you, and that is something special. Start treating yourself with respect and kindness. This will go a long way!

Take Care Of Your Body

Like Mental Health America’s campaign said, we need to create an appropriate balance between mental and physical health and wellbeing. Start taking small steps to improve your relationship with your body by:

  • Exercising daily
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get enough sleep

Manage Stress

We’ve written an entire blog post on how you need to reduce your stress ASAP. Stress is terrible for your body, both physically and mentally. Do what you know is best for you to reduce stress, as soon as you start to feel it creeping in. In addition, research shows that laughing can boost your immune system, ease any pain, relax your body AND reduce stress. So start cracking some jokes!

Stick Around Good People

Cut any toxic people out of your life and surround yourself around those who lift you up! Plus, you’ll never feel lonely if you have a strong and caring support system.

Give Back

It’s not joke that giving back to the community or their favorite organizations actually make people feel happier and healthier overall with lives that feel more fulfilled.

According to the Cleveland Clinic studies have found that the list of health benefits associated with giving are:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Lower stress levels
  • Less depression
  • Greater happiness
  • Longer life

Seek Out Help

Do not let any negative stigma prevent you from seeking out help when you need it. Please remember that seeking help is a sign of STRENGTH not weakness.

Creating a life where you are both physically and mentally healthy is something worth striving for. Make the effort today to start living your life for you and your overall wellbeing!


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