Mindset, Social Change12 Things You Can Do For Random Acts of Kindness Day

12 Things You Can Do For Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day isn’t an official holiday… let’s be honest, if it was that’d be so amazing! It is a day that encourages everyone to go out and do something kind for a stranger. It can be anything!

This year, Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on Saturday, February 17.

The observance of this day originally began in 2005 in New Zealand. But the kindness ripple effect took hold, and it spread worldwide. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated by everyday people, nonprofits, causes, and businesses.

The goal? To show that kindness is contagious, and small acts can create a huge wave of change!

Now, a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be big. It could be the tiniest gesture of giving up your seat on the bus or subway or paying for the person’s toll behind you.

Here are 7 FREE things you can do TODAY to spread a little kindness:

Leave Uplifting Messages

Nothing says, “SO SWEET!” like finding an uplifting sticky note on a restroom mirror or bulletin board. Phrases like, “You can make it through today.” or “You are perfectly you.” are great messages that could truly make someone’s day.

Give Out Free Hugs

No, we’re not saying run up to strangers and hug them (though you could walk around with a sign)! Send a virtual hug to someone you don’t speak to often and let them know that you see them and they matter.

Say Thanks

Acknowledge someone who made a huge difference in your life, even if it was many, many moons ago! Send them a thank-you note.

Skip The Line

Let’s face it… lines are long at the local grocery. People have things to do! So, let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store. Even if they’re still behind 15 other people, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Hold The Door

This is such an easy one! Hold the door open for someone (even elevator doors count!).

Tell Someone You Love Them

Call someone you love (or more than one person) and tell them you love them. People like to be reminded that they matter.

Give Back To Your Favorite Causes At No Cost To You

If you want to donate money to your favorite cause (at no cost to you) then shop through Dlyted. You’ll be able to do your everyday shopping and spread a little kindness for free. Hey, it’s our goal to make everyday giving effortless!

Here are 5 COST EFFECTIVE things you can do TODAY to spread a little kindness:

Food Forward

If you’re waiting in a drive-thru lane or dining inside a restaurant, pay for the meal of the person behind you or pay for someone’s meal inside the restaurant.

Tip Higher

Servers are seriously underpaid for all of the work that they do. Use today to tip them a little bit more than you normally would.

Give Flowers

Take a bouquet of flowers to an elderly neighbor that you know lives alone. No one deserves to be left out on Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Tolls Forward

This follows the same path as Food Forward! Pay for the person’s toll behind you.

Buy A Stranger A Cup Of Coffee

Pay for the coffee of someone in line behind you or ahead of you…

We love this idea so much that we also want you to have a cup of coffee on us!

Have A Coffee On Us!

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Let’s see how much magic we can make by spreading a little more kindness! Tag us in your pictures if you’re taking today to give with Dlyted.


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